16GB Flash Drive
Price : $149



Our Flash Drive is designed to allow only authorized individuals to have access to the encrypted data stored on the secure partition. Users must authenticate with a swipe of their fingerprint on the sensor. It’s automatically recognized by any Windows based PC running 2000 / 2003 Server / Win XP/ Vista / or Windows 7. The secure partition is only visible once the user is authenticated (there is no reference to that part of the drive in the folders tree or anywhere else until the authorized fingerprint is input)

There are quite literally millions of non-encrypted USB flash disks in circulation right now with all kinds of personal data on them including credit card numbers, credit reports, birth certificates, financial documents, tax returns and other readily identifiable personal data that could be used in identity theft. Even though Government Employees are highlighted in the latest confidential information release scandal, business owners and executives don’t fare much better with the protection of their “secure data”. As an example, at many trade shows and conferences, industrial espionage is a legitimate concern as thieves are always looking to pick up a random BlackBerry, Cell Phone or unattended flash drive of an attending executive to gain competitive intelligence or confidential information. Our drive stops thieves cold and secures this confidential data with biometric security. This unit represents the pinnacle of “High Tech Personal Security”.