Biometrics is a technology that is utilized for recognizing a person based on a physiological characteristic that are unique to each individual, using specially designed proprietary scanning and sensor devices combined with specialized software and algorithms. Our products all utilized the proven Fingerprint technology. Biometric technologies are becoming the foundation of an extensive array of highly secure identification and personal verification solutions. As current security methods are breached and data theft, as well as property theft, increases the need for highly secure identification and personal verification technologies is obvious.

Biometric-based solutions are able to provide access control and personal data protection. The need for biometrics can be found in federal, state and local governments, in the military and commercial applications. Not surprisingly, there is a growing need for this technology in the private sector. When the economy goes down, crime goes up. This is a hard fact. And the top 2 crimes in this country are: #1 Car Theft and #2 Identity Theft. Our products directly protect anyone, from individuals all the way up to large corporations with hundreds of employees, against those 2 crimes.

Utilizing biometrics for personal authentication is convenient and considerably more accurate than current methods (such as passwords or PINs). This is because biometrics links the vent to a particular individual (a password can be stolen and used by someone other than the authorized user), is convenient (nothing to carry or remember), accurate (it provides for positive authentication), and has reached a level of social acceptability and cost effectiveness that it has become the next generation of security. Enterprise-wide network security infrastructures, government IDs, secure electronic banking, investing and other financial transactions, retail sales, law enforcement, and health and social services are already benefiting from these technologies. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of this amazing technology.