SecurePrint Vault
Price : $199



SecurePrint Vault is a Personal Biometric Safe that guards your most valuable possessions using the latest in fingerprint recognition technology. Once authorized, your fingerprint is the key. Operation is simple; One swipe of the finger to unlock. With SecurePrint Vault opening in less than one second, there is no need to worry about carrying and securing keys or remembering pin codes.

SecurePrint Vault was designed to allow easy transportation of valuables on the go, or store them securely at home and is ideal for in -vehicle use (fits glove box or center console of most vehicles). SecurePrint Vault can also be permanently anchored in a secure or hidden location. Our revolutionary fingerprint activated safe provides quick, convenient access whenever needed. SecurePrint Vault is engineered from heavy-gauge steel and has an extremely tough “Powder Coated” finish. The high-strength mechanical locking mechanism will give you years of reliable service and is virtually impenetrable using hand tools. SecurePrint Vault will fit easily inside a desk drawer, can be hidden inconspicuously in a closet or nightstand or can be easily secured in virtually any location.

SecurePrint Vault offers you affordable peace of mind at the touch of a finger!